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Nov 25,  · Please no judging, I m asking a legit and serious question. I m a 20 year old virgin and I m uncircumcised. I m considering going under the knife for health, religious, and most importantly, sexual reasons. As I ve already established, I m a virgin, I m waiting for the right woman, however I m concerned of how getting a circumcision affects my action and pleasure in Open. Nov 26,  · Best Answer: From what my friend told me, and from what I've read here on Yahoo Answers, typically the first two weeks can be painful, especially with erections and urination (apparently the head swells up and makes the urethra opening smaller for like the first week). You're recommended not to have sex or Status: Open.

Dec 18,  · Basically, I really feel I need a circumcision because I cannot retract foreskin (without pain) when flaccid or erect. Recently I've just finished a 3-day anti-biotic course due to a build-up of smegma under the foreskin, which was caused because I of course cannot get under foreskin to clean (disgusting I know). Also, when ever I have sexual encounters with girls (at uni), it hurts to well Status: Open. Dec 11,  · Best Answer: Are you sure you can't reschedule this for winter break? The last thing you'd want you to lower your grades is a painful groin problem. It all depends on how tolerant you are in pain and how well you respond to the pain medication. If you're having a Followers: 1.

Mar 26,  · Best Answer: I would get it done without question. Circumcision has many benefits. After the operation is finished, there are some things you might want to keep in mind to help with the healing process after your circumcision. These are not hard and Status: Resolved. Nov 08,  · Best Answer: Fact is, something like *two thirds* of the skin of the penis. It goes like this: When flaccid, your foreskin extends from where it shows your corona - the "rim" at the back of the penis head, up over the penis head to the tip, then back again on the inside, to the corona. The length of this Status: Resolved.