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Aug 30,  · Debates & sensitive discussions. Politics, religion, social justice, marriage, etc, as well as people seeking advice. This forum has especially high standards for maturity, tact and thoughtfulness. As with the rest of ADISC, keep it PG “Do you need another diaper change already?” “I don’t know.” Kai spent so much time in diapers, wetting and messing himself without warning that the only time he knew he needed changed was when his diaper was bloated with pee and on the edge of leaking. Andy often said she couldn’t trust him with his diapers, so she checked him.

Jul 21,  · Adult diaper recommendations? Community. Classic Discussion. Hashnochange-thunderlord UTC #1. In 37 days, it may be advantageous to be able to sit in one spot for 8 - 12 hours, so I was curious if anyone had recommendations for protective undies. Join the discussion. Post questions or offer useful information. Keep the content related to plastic in some way. To add a new topic: Decide which category it will be (plastic-free alternatives, plastic news, rants, etc.) and click on that, you will see the “New Topic” button at the top right of the section for that category.

© DIAPER SPACE Bringing the ABDL Community together one Diaper at a Design. Incontinence Support Group and Forum - Support for Those Dealing With Incontinence. A Friendly Online Community Where You Can Share Information, Experiences and Support Each Other.

Aug 20,  · Discussions Diaper wearing. Diapers; What kind of diapers to use, where to get. Discipline; Talk about anything related to diaper fetish that did not fit to any other boards. How to get him/her involved. Get her/him to share; Adult bedwetting by Spikey7. Aug 03,  · Amazon or WalMart both carry a variety of adult incontinence products online. Some of the major drug store chains may as well, and locally grocery stores will have them in stock. Brand and style may vary by vendor, so shop around if you have a preference. I'm not familiar with adult-sized swimming diapers. Enjoy your vacation!

A Site For Bed Wetters, AB's and DL's. Everyone Is Welcome. Bed Wetter Themed Ongoing Stories and Poems This forum is for members poems and to add to an exsisting story. . Nov 14,  · Cloth diapers and vinyl plastic pants are better in the long run as the all-in-one covers wear out quickly. With cloth diapers you can add the amount of layering needed for daytime or nighttime. Since I own my own diapers, I hae a local diaper service that picks of my fresh diapers weekly. The cost is like $ a week and saves a lot.