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Oct 16,  · In this article we look at puppies that are unwilling to pee out in your yard or garden and show you how to train a puppy to pee outside. Bad weather can stop puppies peeing outside. Young puppies are not as weatherproof as adult dogs, and often don’t like Author: Pippa Mattinson. Jun 06,  · I recently adopted 2 puppies 12 weeks old. He was really good when I got them and she was peeing everywhere. I literally have them out for about 8/hrs a day,I sit with them praise them when they pee outside and they come in and pee again 5 mins later.. sometimes on the wee wee pad many times run to the gate every 10 mins and I let them out and they are ok for 8 hrs at night.

Feb 19,  · Funny Dogs Peeing,What a smart dog?:). Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy it! - Enjoy this funny video which was brought to you by FunMagazine Subscrib. If your dog suddenly starts peeing a lot, or is straining to pee, it's often an indication that the dog is having some underlying health issue, such as UTIs, bladder or kidney problems. Sometimes, the problem may be unrelated to the urinary system, such as diabetes, and Cushing's disease.

Sep 28,  · We brought home a new puppy and I am trying to socialize him with our other male. The puppy is doing great but the older dog keeps peeing on my new puppy even if I am holding the puppy. Then I get peed on. What is going on? Sounds funny but I assure you it is Open. Comedy Central Jokes - Walks Into a Bar Pissing Contest - Two men walk into a bar, one wearing a cowboy hat and the other wearing a Yankees cap. The guy in the Yankees cap approaches the bartender and make a bet: "I.

Jan 30,  · If you think that your puppy is constantly peeing for a reason other than the fact that he’s just a baby, a visit to the vet can help to rule out other problems and give you peace of mind. Behavioral Issues. If your puppy is constantly peeing, it could be a behavioral issue.