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Scattergories: Rules, Variations + HUGE Category Lists. Scattergories offers different categories, but if you play often, the categories do not last long and the words players choose become redundant. This article provides you with multiple lists so you, your family, and friends will have hours of fun play, whether you choose to. My roommate and I were sitting at home one night, wanting to play Scattergories. The problem was that we were broke. Our decision was to look for the actual Scattergories lists online (which proved to be a quite grueling task, to say the least), look for the instructions, and make our own, homemade version of the game using whatever we had at hand.

Generate random scattergories lists. Also, if you really enjoy this, maybe you can buy me a coffee. One thing that makes the Scattergories game different from other games is the sided die, which provides endless fun for each round. With more than categories and 20 letters on the die, there are more than 3, category combinations! So, the Scattergories /5().

Next time you play Scattergories, make up your own lists using some of these category suggestions. A typical Scattergories list features 12 different categories related to different topics, so you can pick and choose from the categories to make your own customized lists, or play a Author: Stacy Zeiger.