Stages of a Baby Bird - Growth and Maturity - grown adult birds


grown adult birds - Quail flight birds from LM Quail Farm - fully grown adult birds for hunting

Stromberg's Chickens sells a wide variety of juvenile and adult birds, including adult chickens, adult bantam chickens, adult ducks, adult peafowl, adult quail, and adult swans. Some adult birds are not yet on our website, but will be shortly. To place an order call and one of our customer service representatives will gladly assist. Once baby birds have reached adult size, the next stage of their life can vary greatly. Some species keep young birds with them until the next breeding season, when they will be driven off to find their own territories or young birds may help their parents raise another generation of youngsters.

Quail flight birds from LM Quail Farms are of the highest quality. Our birds are fully exposed to all the natural elements of weather so they will acclimate faster and stronger once released on your property. Because of this acclimation we guarantee a very high survival rate. Our quail are straight run unsexed. Typically, young birds visiting feeders or hopping on the ground are fledglings, birds that have grown enough of their adult plumage to begin flying but that are not yet fully mature. These birds may be anywhere from weeks old depending on the species and how much they have developed.

This page is for buying only grown fowl. Please refer back to other pages in the site to buy baby chicks. Again this page is only for Cackle Hatchery®'s listing of available grown birds for sale. All grown birds are juveniles (up to one year old), and depending on season of the year and age of the birds, they will likely NOT be in full feather.