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Within the woodworm lifecycle, there are 4 main stages woodworm beetles go through: 1. Woodworm begins breeding. 2. Woodworm larvae hatch. 3. Woodworm larvae start to eat. 4. Larvae turn into woodworm beetle – starting the whole process again. LIFECYCLE STAGE 4: Larvae turn into woodworm beetles. The females live for between 10 and 14 days where as their male counterparts only live between 3 and 4 days. Once the adult male beetles have emerged from the chamber their sole purpose is to mate with as many female partners in their short lifespan and the lifecycle continues.

This is the stage in the woodworm lifecycle when the larvae become adult beetles. This will occur near to the wood’s surface so that the beetle does not have far to go to come out. Once the adult beetle is fully formed, it chews its way out of the wood, through the small distance necessary to get out. This will occur between May and September. Dec 14,  · Damage is caused by their larvae, also known as woodworm. Adults are – mm in length, while larvae are 1mm long, C-shaped in creamy white colour. Their life cycle is about years long and due to that fact, evidence of infestation holes might take years to manifest. The common furniture woodworm attacks only seasoned sapwood c-a-n-d-y.infos: 2.

Live Adult Beetles ↓ – Woodworm beetles will often be looking to mate. Dead Beetles ↓ – On occasion adult woodworm beetles cannot escape the property and die. Eggs ↓ – These are often difficult to spot. Woodworm Larvae ↓ – Can be called wood grub and are usually a creamy-white colour. As mentioned at the beginning, these holes are where the adult beetle has emerged from the wood after spending the primary part of their lifecycle as a larva within the wood. They are therefore known as emergence holes or exit holes. While woodworm is in the .

“Woodworm”, or “common furniture beetle”, are names given to Anobium punctatum, which, like many insects, spends most of its time as a maggot before pupating and emerging for a short adult life as a flying beetle. So the “woodworm” is actually the larval stage of a beetle. Common furniture beetle. The common furniture beetle or common house borer (Anobium punctatum) is a woodboring beetle. In the larval stage it bores in wood and feeds upon it. Adult Anobium punctatum measure – millimetres (– in) in length. They have brown ellipsodial bodies with a prothorax resembling a monk's c-a-n-d-y.info: Ptinidae.