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If you have difficulties with dropping your ball behind the foul line or with under rotating your bowling fingers, using forward thumb pitch helps prop your bowling wrist to support the ball weight as you enter the release zone in your forward bowling swing. Standard drilling services cost $ With Standard drilling, all three holes (both fingers and thumb) must be drilled. Finger inserts cannot be installed in Standard drillings. Below is an image and size chart of the right handed (Reverse Ring/Middle for left handers) measurements used to drill your bowling ball.

Jun 15,  · Start with medium to smoother ball surface on the drilled ball in order to prevent extreme wet/dry reaction on the lane. Remember that polish will exaggerate a wet/dry reaction. The layouts shown in our diagrams are for right-handed bowlers. Left-handers should mirror the image of these layouts. I recently went to a bowling ball seminar and the instructor said you NEVER give a right hander right pitch or a left hander left pitch in the thumb. I believe all these tests are probably better off done with an adjustable ball before you drill but if you just want to check a .

Oct 21,  · With the proper release, you also create and help the dynamic of your layout in the bowling ball and the bowling ball itself and how it's moved. By .