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Home» Breast Augmentation Photos» cc Saline Breast Implant Photos | XL Breast Augmentation Photos. XL Breast Augmentation Photos cc Saline Breast Implants. Set Click on the photo to see a larger “After” photo of this subject. Age: Aug 28,  · The largest size silicone implant available in this country is cc. Therefore the only way to achieve a 1, cc augmentation is to overfill an cc saline implant. I have done this on numerous occasions. However, you must be aware that any implant this size is quite heavy and will exert more stretch force on your existing breast tissue.

Before and after breast augmentation photos of cc saline breast implants. Extra Large Breast Implants from cc to 3,cc. Due to popular demand, this page features some of Dr. Revis' larger breast augmentations, in the ,cc range. Shown are both clinical and candid photos of some of our many happy patients. Currently, the largest silicone gel implant available in the United States is cc.

Meet Mandy Large Breast Implant Testimonial Schedule a Consultation Meet Mandy and hear her story on getting to 1,cc implants.. I will start from the beginning of my many years, feeling ugly, embarrassed, and ashamed of my breasts. Back in , after my second child was born, my normal B size breasts changed drastically when [ ]. Dec 12,  · If you overfill cc breast implants to cc would this give you the same look as cc? - I want the fake Barbie doll high projected look. I want to .

Breast augmentation revision before and after photos. Age: 26 Height: 5'2" Weight: lbs. Cup Size Change: D to D Reasons for Revision: Synmastia; dissatisfaction with implant size Corrective Procedures: Bilateral Internal Bra procedure; implant exchange Pre-Op Implant: Silicone smooth round moderate plus profile cc Post-Op Implant: Silicone smooth round high profile cc. Large & Extra Large Breast Implants Large & Extra Large Breast Implants in Newport Beach, Orange County CA Dr. Bandy is very well known for creating beautiful bodies with a strong artistic approach to help patients achieve their desired results. Dr. Bandy specializes in extra-large implants. For extra large implants, a breast augmentation is performed [ ].

If you are considering extra-large breast implants in Los Angeles, Dr. Stevens is happy to talk to you about it. In working with thousands of women seeking to make a change in their shape, the surgeons know that for some, bigger is better. At Marina Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles, breast implants come in all shapes and sizes. The surface of our breast implants. The implant of choice is always the one that best suits the patient. That is why we offer a large variety of over 2, implant variants to tailor the breast implant to your individual needs. The same applies to the surface of our products, which are available in .