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Jun 01,  · Given that adenolipoma histologically resembles normal breast tissue or breast tissue with non-specific benign changes, it is very easy to make a diagnosis of fibroadenoma with knowledge of the clinical and/or mammographical findings [2,8]. Surgical removal is the curative method for breast hamartomas [9,10]. If there is a coincidental Cited by: 1. Breast hamartoma The asymmetric lesion by imaging and the histologic finding of normal breast components supports this diagnosis. Also, since the radiologist was sure the lesion was biopsied, the possibility that the lesion was missed is excluded. Reference: Breast nonmalignant - .

May 29,  · Breast hamartomas are rare, benign, tumor-like nodules composed of glandular, adipose and fibrous tissue. The hamartoma was first described in as a lipofibroadenoma, fibroadenolipoma or adenolipoma, based on the predominant component of the Cited by: 5. adenolipoma: [ ad″ĕ-no-lĭ-po´mah ] a tumor composed of both glandular and fatty tissue elements.

Jul 22,  · The topic Adenolipoma of Breast you are seeking is a synonym, or alternative name, or is closely related to the medical condition Mammary Hamartoma. Quick Summary: Mammary Hamartoma is a rare, benign tumor of breast tissue, chiefly affecting middle-aged women during the time of menopause (perimenopausal period). PDF | Adenolipoma of the breast is an uncommon mammary lesion classified as a hamartomatous lesion, presenting as a soft, mobile and well-defined mass. The typical mammographic findings is of a.

Definition. Sharply circumscribed breast mass composed of normal or fibrocystic appearing tissue ; Alternate/Historical Names. Adenolipoma (variant).