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Oct 06,  · What Causes Blue Veins in Breasts? | OB-GYN Aesthetic Procedures. Do you have a blue vein in your breast? If so, it may be nothing but a cosmetic problem. In most of the cases are harmless and tend to fade by themselves. Sometimes, however, blue veins in breasts can indicate the presence of an underlying medical condition. It is normal for you Author: Pbgsadmin. Apr 10,  · Blue Breast Veins: Causes. Several conditions or issues can contribute to blue breast vein development, including: Pregnancy: Breast veins often become more noticeable during pregnancy, when your blood volume increases substantially in order to provide both you and the developing fetus with necessary nutrients. Because of the amount of blood.

Oct 26,  · I tend to have neck and shoulder issues because I have a desk job and am on the compute all day so that didn't concern me until I googled. The biggest thing that scares me is a couple of nights ago I noticed blue veins on my breast which I had never noticed. I have called my doctor and have an appointment on Monday for a breast exam. Hi. I started having shoulder ache and slight chest pain about 7 months ago and did go to doctors then and had blood test for infection etc but came back all clear. Then seemed to go away on its own apart from occasional breast pain until a month ago when it all came back plus more symptoms like aching legs and the veins.

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Sep 02,  · The blue veins throughout your breast have been there all the time You can see them now and couldn’t earlier just because they’ve moved closer to your skin’s surface. Why do blue veins show on my breasts? One other reason for the appearance for the blue veins on breasts as a sign of pregnancy, is because your body temperature gets. Mar 09,  · Another benign condition that can cause a vein in your breast to become prominent is pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia (PASH). This can cause a visible vein in the breast Author: Jaime R. Herndon.

Mar 10,  · Seeking Treatment for Visible Blue Veins on the Breasts and Chest. The type of treatment that is recommended to help reduce the appearance of visible blue veins on the chest will depend upon your personal preference, previous health history, availability, and budget. Typically, a vein specialist will recommend laser therapy or sclerotherapy. Mar 26,  · Do you have a blue vein in your breast? If so, it may be absolutely nothing but a cosmetic issue. In the majority of the cases are safe and tend to fade by themselves. Sometimes, however, blue veins in breasts can suggest the presence of a hidden medical condition.