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Jul 29,  · A number of the posts have clearly stressed that walking around naked in town, (though not strictly illegal in Spain), is no more acceptable on Formentera than anywhere else. As for the beaches, Formentera, as any quick internet search would confirm, is widely known as being a popular destination for naturist swimming and sunbathing. If anyone. Hi, almost all the beaches are nude apart from the main town beach at es pujols. some beaches are quiet and some have a lot of people. since formentera is like one huge beach i suggest go for a a walk and see what takes your fancy. you could start at es pujols and walk up the cost to the left, or start at mijnorn and walk either direction. formentera is a wonderful island with beautiful.

Formentera - A Naturist Island Paradise! by Formenteralover. Why come to Formentera? Do you dream of walking naked along white fine sandy beaches and bathing in warm clear turquoise waters, yet do not fancy hunting out remote tropical islands in either the Pacific or the Caribbean? The stunning turquoise seas and fine sandy beaches are more reminiscent of the Caribbean than Spain and offer visitors endless hours of peace and tranquillity. Being only 19 kilometres long and 6 kilometres wide, it is easy to get around the island and visitors have a choice of dozens of beaches as well as a good selection of nudist beaches.

Formentera Au Naturel Most of the tourists have gone, Formentera is returned to nature and the locals. You can get best resolution by selecting 'original' size under most pictures. Beach holidays in Formentera - the best beaches, beach clubs, beach hotels and villas; plus how to get to Formentera from Ibiza, Spain But the sun was going down, and a psychedelic sunset was lighting up the sky. with its crazy chiringuitos where sunburnt Brits danced naked in the surf, high on everything under the sun. At the Pirata Author: Paul Richardson.