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Apr 23,  · Abnormal vaginal bleeding can relate to an issue with your reproductive system (a gynecologic condition) or to other medical problems or certain medications. If you have reached menopause — defined as 12 consecutive months, give or take, without a menstrual period — subsequent vaginal bleeding may be a cause for concern and should be evaluated. Mar 24,  · Normal vaginal bleeding is the periodic blood that flows as a discharge from the woman's uterus as a result of normal cyclic hormonal changes each month. Normal vaginal bleeding is also called menorrhea. The process by which menorrhea occurs is called menstruation.

My dog is bleeding from her vagina but not on heat. If your dog is bleeding through the vulva and not in heat, she might be suffering from an infection in the uterus, technically known as a pyometra. This infection manifests itself in two forms: open neck pyometra or closed neck Ameera Mills. Oct 13,  · Common symptoms include vaginal dryness, inflammation, discharge, burning, bleeding and pain. A number of older women have postmenopausal bleeding. Vaginal bleeding has several possible causes such as inflammation, ulceration, thinning, or cancer of the vulva and vagina. Cervical irritation, infection, cancer or polyps, can cause bleeding.

Vaginal bleeding is any bleeding through the vagina, including bleeding from the vaginal wall itself, as well as bleeding from another location of the female reproductive system, often the c-a-n-d-y.infolly, it is either part of a normal menstrual cycle or is caused by hormonal or other problems of the reproductive system, such as abnormal uterine bleeding. Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy may indicate a Specialty: Gynecology. Miscarriages will often result in excessive bleeding from the vagina where your dog may pass the placenta and other tissues. Vaginal Inflammation If your spayed female is experiencing vaginal discharge that contains blood, she may be suffering from vaginal inflammation or vaginitis.

Apr 12,  · A yeast infection is a type of vaginitis, or vaginal inflammation. Vaginitis can cause anything from itching and swelling to pain and bleeding. Bleeding related to vaginitis is usually Ashley Marcin. Sore, itchy, bleeding vaginal area. My vaginal area becomes swollen, red, sore, itchy/burning, and sometimes has small cuts in it every few months (sometimes more often- it can occur at anytime, but is most common just after my period). I have been to the gynecologist 3 times (with 3 pap smears- STD tests, etc) and they can not determine what.