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Gutta-percha refers both to trees of the genus Palaquium in the family Sapotaceae and the rigid, naturally biologically inert, resilient, electrically nonconductive, thermoplastic latex produced from the sap of these trees, particularly from Palaquium gutta.. The word gutta-percha comes from the plant's name in Malay, getah perca, which translates as "percha latex". Since gutta-percha is chemically related to latex, those who experience allergic reactions to latex also experience some kind of cross-sensitivity to gutta-percha. Latex allergies are usually immediate, and are characterized by itching, hives or even anaphylaxis. Do you think you are allergic to dental root canal fillers? If you feel.

Gutta-percha definition is - a tough plastic substance from the latex of several Malaysian trees (especially Palaquium gutta) of the sapodilla family that resembles rubber but contains more resin and is used especially as insulation and in dentistry as a permanent filling in root canals. incidence because of their frequent exposure to latex products from birth. As a result of the chemical similarity between natural rubber and gutta-percha, the material used in filling the root canal, questions have arisen concerning its use in patients with a history of .

Gutta-percha, yellowish or brownish leathery material derived from the latex of certain trees in Malaysia, the South Pacific, and South America, especially Palaquium oblongifolia and, formerly, P. gutta. To obtain the latex, the tree may be felled and rings cut in the bark; in plantation. HYGENIC Guttapercha Points are used in combination with sealers to obturate the root canal after root canal treatment. The Guttapercha Points are available in different ISO sizes, different tapers and with a top color coding, full color coding or in pink.

By using hand jigs to roll our Gutta Percha, we are able to produce the most precise and resilient points possible. Hand jigs produce a point with a smooth round tip, which provides optimal apical seal. DiaDent's GP are latex free and radiopaque. Gutta percha could trigger an allergic reaction, also, in patients with latex sensitivity. Since gutta percha is the only widely acceptable material*, special care should be taken to avoid its extrusion into the periapical tissues to prevent any possible allergic reactions.

gutta-percha proteins that can react with Hevea latex-specific IgE antibody supports the minimal potential for commercially available gutta-percha to induce allergic symptoms in individuals sensitized to NRL. Because gutta-balata is sometimes added to commercial . Palaquium gutta is a tree in the family grows up to 40 metres ( ft) tall. The bark is reddish brown. Inflorescences bear up to 12 flowers. The fruits are round or ellipsoid, sometimes brownish tomentose, up to centimetres (1 in) specific epithet gutta is from the Malay word getah meaning "sap or latex". The tree is a well-known source of gutta-percha Sapotaceae.